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Pit Fire Permits

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  Pit Fire Permit Regulations
How to Get a Permit

Permits are issued nightly between 5:30pm and midnight, provided winds are less than 10 knots (11.5mph). The Permit is $10 with a $1.15 processing fee.

Permits are issued online via this website. Permits will be emailed to the purchaser, this email receipt will be the permit.


Required Items for a Permit

Drivers License, number is required for permit.
$10 dollars plus $1.15 transaction fee.
Address or location the Pit Fire will be.
- If you are not staying ocean front, a beach access name will be needed along with the address of stay.

Regulation for Pit Fires

Pit Fire Permits are good for the day of purchase only and are good from the time of purchase till midnight, and are valid only within the Town of Nags Head.

The pit fire shall not be left unattended and the permit must stay with that person and the fire at all times it is active/hot. If the permit is purchased online, access to view the digital permit / Email needs to be readily available at the fire.

The fire must be attended by a competent person who must be of an age of 14 years or older, which person must attend the fire and see that it is completely extinguished prior to leaving the site thereof.

The fire shall be no closer than fifty (50) feet from any combustible materials (buildings, life guard stands, sea grass, brush, etc.). It shall be in a hollowed out pit no larger than three (3) feet in diameter and not less than one (1) foot in depth and must remain within the confines of the pit.

The fire will be completely extinguished with water and all debris removed from the beach area after the fire is completely out. Clean the area of all trash before leaving.

The fire will need to be extinguished with water if the wind speed is in excess of 10 knots / 11.5mph or if embers blow toward any combustible materials.

This is a one-time, non-refundable permit.

Only leaves, branches or other plant growth can be burned, nothing else. It is illegal to burn trash, lumber scraps or other non-vegetative material.


Other Information

Town Code 20-2

During special events or fire conditions the permits will be disabled for a period of time depending on the situation. If they are disabled for the day please visit us again on the next day. Examples of special fire conditions include days that the town is showing fire works (4th of July) or during a state issued fire ban.

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